Dating a 40 year old woman

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Here's a great link for specific places: (Click the minus sign under the page title once to get data for cities of 100,000 as opposed to 250,000. If he's 5'7" instead of 6 feet, will you really care that much? Seriously consider checking if you're in a good market.

I contend that as long as nobody is being willfully creepy (I see you, guys in Ferrari hats), this kind of limitation is mega lame.

If you do apps and things like that, don't meet for drinks right away.

Have brunch, meet for activities like ice skating or paddle boating, something fun that will still allow you to talk.

And on the other hand, unless you’re going out with somebody she’s young, I don’t think it’s cause for judgment.

Being predatory is just plain gross on either side of the equation, either from young people looking to trade sex for free Hulu Plus, or old people suffering conversation with somebody who I don’t have to tell you that the only people who get to decide whether you’re enjoying each other as people are you and your dinner companion.

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