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Ryan Mc Carthy (Tom Welling) and Travis is "off-and-on" with the beautiful and devoted Monica (Alexandra Daddario).

But that doesn't stop Travis or Gabby from flirting with each other and spending time together privately, and doing… other stuff, when Ryan is out of town and when Monica isn't around.

My choice is to give this unromantic romance a "D ", while hoping that the next two Sparks adaptations ("At First Sight" and "True Believer") manage to be more touching… or, at least tolerable.

There was then serious drama when he left the villa days later, with rumours swirling as to whether he had slept with Jess Shears.

He has a boat, he's handy with a hammer and he loves animals so much that he became a veterinarian. ) He's also handsome and charming – and he knows it. All the better for Travis and Gabby to eyeball each other.) Gabby is pretty and has a killer bod.

In fact, he uses his positives to flirt shamelessly and sometimes dates steadily… but never really commits. She's smart enough to be a medical student, assertive enough to complain when the noise level next door interrupts her studying and she's a fairly deep, spiritual person. She and Travis each have big dogs, a female for Gabby and a male for Travis.

In the last hospital scene when Travis returns and the hospital staff are leaning against the wall leading to Gabby's room, the nurse puts her right hand over heart, there is a white male facing her, but a black right-handed arm reaches out to her left shoulder. See more » On a scale of 1 to 10, "The Choice" (PG-13, ) is an 11 – and that's a fact. Although the most popular Sparks adaptation is 2004's "The Notebook", the author's big-screen streak started at the end of the last century with the Kevin Costner starrer "Message in a Bottle".

(And if you think that's a spoiler, then you probably don't know who Nicholas Sparks is and probably wouldn't be going to see this movie anyway.) It also won't come as a surprise to most Movie Fans that Travis and Gabby's romance quickly becomes more complicated than simply some differences in temperament and the way they see the world.

The problems start with Sparks' over reliance on an increasingly tired formula, Bryan Sipe's unrealistic, immoral (with all that cheating and deception) and sometimes silly script and Ross Katz' uninspired direction, but the biggest problem is the two romantic leads.

Walker seems to be borrowing too heavily from the Matthew Mc Conaughey Book of Southern Charm, and, especially at certain angles, Walker looks distractingly like a young Liam Neeson (a perception just reinforced by seeing his character's sister played by the same young woman who played Neeson's daughter in the "Taken" films).

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