Dad against daughters dating shirt

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In 40 short minutes they had the little car cram-packed.With barely enough room to squeeze in, they loaded up -- Tom behind the wheel, the babies in the back and Rachel perched on her mother's lap. M., the last rays of the sun vanished as they turned onto the freeway.

Rachel settled down into her father's lap, happy to be moving toward their destination again. Tom lightly wrapped his arms around his daughter's thin waist, trying to keep her from falling into the car seat next to them.The darkness surrounded them, Rachel's eyes began to grow heavy from the combination of the darkness, her father's warm body, and the droning of the tires along the pavement.She fell asleep like a caterpillar in a warm cocoon, swaying in her father's lap with the movements of the car.The other was slowly sliding up and down the top of her smooth, bare thigh.Rachel hadn't had a chance to change before the trip and was still wearing the new, short miniskirt her mother had bought her at the mall, and a white button up blouse.

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