Cute quotes about dating your best friend

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If they’re not the same person that they were previously or if things are awkward in the relationship, move on.

Find other people that you enjoy and spend time with them. A friend I had a few years ago and I changed from best friends to just friends when I moved a good distance away.

Finding out who they are, what they’re like and what things they like takes time.

When my second friend and I became closer, it happened fast. We went from nothing to being with each other constantly.

I honestly wouldn’t know how to deal with this (and I’m sorry) but just keep communicating regularly. Always remember to support each other in any decisions and hard times despite the distance! The best advice/suggestion I have is to give her some time and space.

Also, keep the communication fun, don’t just text or skype; become pen pals and include actual photos. I know this is going to be hard but resist the urge to text her when something new/exciting/sad/awful happens.

This is why, I feel, we stopped being friends so quickly. The change is hard, it takes time to recover but you honestly have to do whats best for your person.

The next change of best friend was hard because of how hard it went from spending all my time with the previous friend to feeling lonely. I read a quote once that, I find, is fitting with this question: “People come in to your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime” Remember this when you change a best friend.

) how you feel which is why we have found some secret crush quotes in addition to I like him quotes, falling for someone quotes, and cute crush quotes.

The last one had a purpose and taught you a wonderful lesson.

Hope this helped xx Send me a picture of you and your best friend, send me your favorite quote about best friends, or send me a song and you could see it on this blog!

You guys are going to be going through very different things.

The distance will be hard but if the friendship really matters, nothing can ruin it!

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