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Six councilmembers are elected by wards and one is elected at-large. The mayor is elected at-large every four years and is responsible for the executive functions of the city.The mayor appoints a city supervisor, subject to confirmation by the city council, who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the city.Luncheon meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month and are generally held at the Sedro-Woolley Community Center from AM to PM.Any changes are announced in the monthly newsletter, “The Exchange.” The newsletter is the chamber’s source for current meetings, committee activities, upcoming events and a watchful eye on current issues affecting our community and businesses. Public schools are operated by the Sedro-Woolley School District whose offices are located here.

The municipal judge is appointed by the mayor, subject to confirmation of the city council, and operates independently of the other branches of government. Sedro-Woolley is a full-service city with its own police department, fire department, wastewater treatment plan, solid waste operation, storm water division, street department, parks department and administration.The elephant stomped his way through the little logging town and right into local history, demolishing fences, knocking over laundry lines and trees, telephone poles, and a Model T along the way.After logging and coal-mining declined, the major employers and industries became the nearby Northern State Hospital (a mental-health facility) and Skagit Steel & Iron Works, which rose from the back room of a local hardware store to become a major supplier of implements and parts for logging and railroad customers and which manufactured machines and parts for the war effort in World War II and artillery shells, starting in 1953.By 1990, that company was gone and the hospital was closed but new industry is developing north of town, including robotics.The City of Sedro-Woolley is a non-charter code city that operates under a Mayor-Council form of government with seven councilmembers.

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