Conversation starters for dating

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For example: you can say "get me three red socks" -- a leader for each group collects the socks and brings them to you. By the end of the game, tabulate the score and announce the winner.

Balloon Toss: Using only your head you have to balance the balloon in the air, without letting the balloon fall or touch the ground.

Identifier: Another game is to ask everyone to add an adjective before their name which best describes them and helps to remember them easily.

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This article specifically deals with conversation starters and icebreakers for small groups. Let's forget the mundane way of introducing and try something fun and different. Also, don't choose an icebreaker that would actually make participants more nervous and uncomfortable.

Bring this article with you to your holiday gathering.

Instead of offering expressions of gratitude, ask each other questions, share something new and, perhaps, bridge a generation gap.

Two Truths and a Lie: Another creative icebreaker game is to ask everyone to write and tell 3 things about themselves -- one of which should be a lie -- and let others try to catch the lie.

The piece of paper should be submitted to the coordinator to confirm if the lie was detected correctly or not.

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