Consolidating post offices

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Most will also be working fewer hours and taking home less pay.Regarding the future of the processing equipment, as of right now there is no plan for either that equipment or what will happen to the space it’s occupying.The Paducah processing plant can deliver 300,000 to 350,000 pieces of mail in an average day.Electronics giant Philips is planning to bring 800 jobs to the Nashville area focused on health care technology.Another issue the APWU is taking on is the privatization of the mail.

The processing plant at the Paducah post office closes Saturday.

But with so many technological advances, Mc Kinney only questions why his industry is getting left behind.

“When everything is getting faster, why are we getting slower? There are 41 employees affected at the Paducah plant. By April 18, however, most all employees will be reassigned to different positions, locations, or both.

Come January, the processing and distribution of mail will move to Columbia. To help stem the tide, the USPS is consolidating some of its centers, including plans for the R. The USPS took a step toward closure in February 2013 and moved originating mail processing operations to Columbia.

Come January, the processing and distribution of mail will move to Columbia. Reform solutions vary, but none have landed on permanent fixes. The USPS announced in 2011 that according to a study, it concluded that the Florence office would be a good case for consolidation and would save almost million in annual savings.

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