Consolidating 2 itunes accounts

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One account will be designated Family Organiser - and all purchases in future will be charged to the organiser's account - others can be designated as Adult or Child, with parental controls over what data can be used with or without explicit permission from an Adult.Not every household needs more than one computer running i Tunes.

This works on up to 5 computers and requires that they sign into i Tunes using the same i Tunes account. Because of these separate accounts and i Tunes PCs, I understand we're unable to share our purchases – which, AFAIK, Apple expressly permits on up to 5 associated family devices. Here's the problem: Each of us now has an i Pad, and we're each buying apps on our own accounts and syncing to our own PCs.This will allow you to play both you and your wife's content on both of your computers.However, this way you will have to duplicate the content on both computers.

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