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In this article we cite some examples of how cats were treated and regarded by Islam and reveal the source of this treatment.

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More importantly, they were not just companions or pets, they were also examples to Muslims, people who submit themselves to One God, such as in the story of Ibn Babshad: "The grammarian Ibn Babshad was sitting with his friends on the roof of a mosque in Cairo, eating some food.Zwemer, London : Central Board of Missions and Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1920, chap. [Source] In the myth of Shah Ismail Safavi, the vehicle of the divine inspiration of Ismail is a miraculous cat: "[W]ith him always he has a cat, and woe to him who gives it any offense.[Ismail] has a tent, with 365 or 366 entrances, round like the world, and, in the morning, no portal is opened save the place through which the cat every day passes…The cat's purr falls well within the 20-50 hertz anabolic range, and extends up to 140 hertz ." Cats were famous in Islamic art.Muslim painters, especially calligraphers, used brushes which were "preferably made from the fur of long-haired cats that were bred for this purpose which applied as opaque, jewel-like colours in a remarkable array of hues" Khorasan (eastern Iran).

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