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My code: private void cmb Status_Validating(object sender, System. Validate your HTML form with Javascript validation. You use these validators for common types of data, including credit card numbers, dates, e-mail addresses, numbers, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, strings, and ZIP codes.The Credit Card Validator class validates that a credit card number is the correct length, has the correct prefix, and passes the Luhn mod10 algorithm for the specified card type.The Reg Exp Validation Result class is a child class of the Validation Result class, and contains additional properties that you use with regular expressions, including the following: to access the first substring match.The following example uses the regular expression ABC\d to cause the validator to match a pattern consisting of the letters A, B, and C in sequence followed by any digit: The Social Security Validator class validates that a string is a valid United States Social Security Number.The tutorial describes Javascript validation of textboxes, comboboxes, radio buttons and checkboxes.In Javascript we create a function which checks if some value is entered in the textbox or selected in the case of combobox, radiobutton, checkbox.

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You use regular expressions with the Reg Exp Validator.

I can get the permissions and check them OK, but I don't know how tomanage the combobox. Selected Index Changed isn't much help because it fires off when theform opens because the value is being set programatically.

My code: private void cmb Status_Validating(object sender, System. Cancel Event Args e) Using Win Forms, certain users may change the value in a combobox,others may not. I need to check the user's rights before committing his or herchanges in the box and restore the previous value if he or she is notallowed (or not let the value be changed in the first place). Now the only thing I need to be able to do is reset the original value and allow the user to continue.

For example, you could use a data model that contains three fields that represent the day, month, and year portions of a date, or three Text Input controls that let a user enter a date as three separate fields.

Even if you specify a date format that excludes a day, month, or year element, you must specify all three fields to the validator.

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