Christian ooks on dating

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In Blowing Rock, Karon began writing Father Tim stories for the Blowing Rocket newspaper.An agent circulated Karon's fiction to publishers, but got only rejections.

She sent Karon's book to a New York agent friend, who got it to Carolyn Carlson, an editor at Viking Penguin and daughter of a Lutheran minister.

Her most recent Mitford novel, To Be Where You Are, was released in September 2017.

She has been designated a lay Canon for the Arts in the Episcopal Diocese of Quincy (Illinois) by Keith Ackerman, Episcopal Bishop of Quincy, She was named Janice Meredith Wilson, after the novel Janice Meredith.

At age 15, she gave birth to her only child, Candace Freeland.

Karon and Freeland’s marriage was troubled from the beginning, and tragedy rocked it further.

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