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As Americans' attitudes towards interracial marriages and relationships changes, there has been a steady growth in interracial marriages since the 1980s and at the beginning of the twenty-first century.The increase in such marriages has varied across racial and ethnic groups.Religion and race are often the two top criteria in mate selection in most societies and people looking for a match in marriage are most likely to find religious and racial group boundaries the hardest to cross.While religious boundaries in the United States are breaking down, race boundary remains the hardest to cross.As a result of physical proximity, there are opportunities for interracial connections and friendships.Mixed-race children of interracially married couples also tend to bring racial groups closer thanks to their friend networks, which are racially heterogeneous, while racial boundaries are further blurred by the growing mixed-race population.

He has collaborated with Stanley Clarke, The Cinematic Orchestra, Flying Lotus, Erykah Badu, Thundercat, Sa-Ra Creative Partners, and, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, A among many others.

Factors which play an important role in interracial dating are propinquity, acculturation and attractiveness.

Propinquity turns out to be the strongest predictor of the likelihood for interracial dating among Asian Americans.

The first US law against miscegenation, or the marriage, sexual relations and cohabitation of members of different races, was enacted in Maryland in 1664 and was soon followed by similar laws in other states. Virginia case in 1967 all anti-miscegenation laws were declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of the United States.

However, the court's decision did not result in a boom of interracial marriages because of the stigma linked to these unions.

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