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Katherine Slay, Archives Assistant Stay up to date with WSRO – follow us on Facebook and Twitter Although Sussex did not play host to the infamous witch drownings and burnings that occurred elsewhere in the country, the persecution and punishment of women accused of witchcraft does appear in the history of our home county.

Tales of ‘wise women’ or ‘cunning women’ branded as witches have not only survived through local lore and oral history, but can be found in the legal and religious court records of the 16 centuries.

The photocopy showed that George Slater, of Shilbottle, had been buried on 7 October, just four days after his death.

I am cataloguing the records of Graylingwell Hospital in Chichester, among which are some items about Graylingwell War Hospital (1915-1919).

There are no existing formal patient records for the war hospital, however – or indeed for most of the UK’s war hospitals.

She filled in a number of gaps on the spreadsheet during her checks, and put ‘yes’ in the CWGC column to indicate she’d found a record.

Driver George Slater could not be found on the CWGC website, which was a surprise as I had assumed that every man who had died in Graylingwell War Hospital would be there.

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