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Microsoft’s latest experiment in real-time machine learning, an AI-driven chat-bot called Tay, quickly turned to the dark side on Wednesday after the bot started posting racist and sexist messages on Twitter in response to questions from users.

Among other things, Tay said the Holocaust never happened, and used offensive terms to describe a prominent female game developer.

Many things have contributed to Latin's strong influence in modern English.

Some of the best analysis of Latin's influence comes from writers who are fiercely opposed to the Latinization.

In which case, some explanation: Slack is a workplace messaging app that lets co-workers easily carry on an assortment of group and individual conversations, some private and some public, all organized in a simple user interface; it’s chattier than sending an email, less of a hassle than scheduling a meeting.

It’s also easy to use on your phone — not so different from sending a text — and perhaps because of that ease, or because of the bright Silicon Valley affect it shares with services like Facebook and Instagram (Slack’s headquarters are in San Francisco), it tends to foster a dashed-off, emoji-laced vernacular. Such was the case in Laura’s office, where the salespeople, who are generally more senior, use Slack less than the account managers, who are generally more junior.

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The more you chat with Tay the smarter she gets.” At least part of the problem seemed to be that Tay—much like earlier versions of chat-bots, including the pioneering Smarter Child bot from the late 1990s—was designed to repeat statements made by other users, as a way of engaging them in conversation.

Usually occupied by the shortest stocky person on the team, a similar role to the centre in a faceoff in Ice Hockey. In the war, he was best in that role (sometimes tipped the balance). whore (n.) 1530s spelling alteration (see wh-) of Middle English hore, from Old English hore "prostitute, harlot," from Proto-Germanic *horaz (fem. Claudiu pretty much covered it, but there's one thing more to discuss. *horon-) "one who desires" (cognates: Old Norse hora "adulteress," Danish hore, Swedish hora, Dutch hoer, Old High German huora "whore;" in Gothic only in the masc.

“It wouldn’t have been too hard to create a blacklist of terms; or narrow the scope of replies.

They could also have simply manually moderated Tay for the first few days, even if that had meant slower responses.” Zoe Quinn, a game developer who has been the target of significant amounts of online abuse as a result of the “Gamer Gate” controversy over sexism in the gaming industry, posted a screenshot of a tweet from Tay that referred to her as a “whore.” Many of the offensive tweets posted by the bot have been removed by Microsoft, but screenshots of many are still circulating.

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