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'So my first thought is, we have a real problem with a lack of civility in this country.

What kind of hatred is in people's hearts that would have them to come premeditated to drive to our state Capitol and carry out an act of violence, which is a felony and destroy property here in our state?

Secretary of State's Office spokesman Chris Powell says Capitol Police arrested Reed early Wednesday.

Of the monument being destroyed, the Republican Arkansas state senator told Fox 19: 'My initial thought is that it's very disturbing, because this is an act of violence actually against the state of Arkansas, against the process.'The super majority of the legislature passed this in 2015, Gov. 'At zero tax payer expense, money was raised by the American History & Heritage Foundation and the donation was made to the people of Arkansas literally less than 24 hours after it was installed here yesterday.Rapert said no taxpayer dollars were spent on the monument, and instead funds were donated by individuals from around the country.He created a Go Fund Me seeking ,635 on February 17, 21016 for the monument.An Arkansas man who livestreamed himself driving his car into a new Ten Commandments monument less than 24 hours after it was placed on state Capitol grounds has been arrested.Michael Reed, 32, has been charged with defacing objects of public interest, criminal trespass and first degree criminal mischief.

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