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We value the differences and similarities among people, and respect the multiple identities, backgrounds, and needs of the clients and communities whom we serve.""The Highlands Eating Disorder Treatment Center is one of the most highly regarded facilities in the Southeast.

We provide expert care to clients with all types of eating disorders, including clients with the most complex and difficult to manage problems.

Our team of experts provide intensive, comprehensive care using a multi-discipline approach.

We offer three levels of care: Residential, Partial Hospitalization, and Intensive Outpatient.

Some psychological services are provided directly by licensed Clinical and Counseling Psychologists.

Because we are a training clinic, we can provide patients/clients with professional, confidential psychological services based on a reduced-cost sliding fee scale.

From fully supervised Withdrawal Management all the way to Outpatient Services, our customized adolescent care for ages 12 to 17 is built on the latest scientific research and proven techniques to increase the likelihood of successful outcomes.

Stonewater's founding family has been there, where you are now, and understands that your child is an individual who needs an individualized recovery program which provides safety, privacy, security and success.""Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center is a unique, adolescent, substance use disorder treatment program providing every patient with a comprehensive and customized level of care.

Tree of life offers services to adults, adolescents, families, and children.We provide individual, family, couples/marital, group, and parent-child interaction (PCIT) therapies.We also provide assessments for the following: Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluations, Psychoeducational Evaluations for Learning and Attentional Disorders (LD/ADHD), Neuropsychological Evaluations, Gifted & Talented Evaluations, Psychological Evaluations, and School or Family Observations.Since our beginning in 1888, Hillside's mission has been to help children and families thrive by providing outstanding residential and community mental health services.Our programs focus on the strengths of our kids and encourage the growth and improvement they need to navigate through life.

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