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To rig this up, the production team threw cables tied to satsumas from roof to roof.25.The BBC worked with the United Nations to find the swarms of flying locusts in Madagascar.It took three years of filming to make just six episodes.3.The music was composed by Hans Zimmer, who did the music for Gladiator and The Lion King.4."It's a massive adrenaline buzz" Elizabeth White told GQ. Each member of the crew was only allowed to take one personal bag on each trip.In an Elle interview, a member of the production crew brought haribo and chocolates as treats.35.A member of the crew, returning to his hotel room in Indonesia after a long day of filming, found a Komodo dragon in his bathroom.15. While filming wild buffalo during the grasslands episode, a specialist carried a warning gun in case the camera team were charged at.17.

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To capture the rare sight of dolphins in the middle of a rainforest, some crew had to wait for a week before they could spot anything.

It took weeks as many roads were blocked by flooding.

"It's amazing to think that with the combined might of the United Nations and the BBC, we are eventually defeated by a puddle," said a member of the crew.26.

Some of the crews' cars and cameras were blessed in a special Hindu ceremony called puja.24.

To film the monkeys clambering over roofs in India, long cables with cameras attached needed to be set up.

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