Ceton cablecard updating firmware dating a painter

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For most people, the most important feature in an HTPC is live TV and DVR functionality.

If the HTPC doesn’t handle live and recorded television, then many of the family members will never use it.

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There are more goodies from the FCC: There is more in the FCC document.

Ceton’snew device, the Infini TV 4 USB changes all of that.

Their latest offering gives the ability to record four shows at once from a small USB box that can be connected to virtually any Windows 7 PC.

The beautiful black box measures in at only 1″ tall, 5.25″ wide, and 7.25″ long. The only side that has anything on it, other than graphics or vents, is the rear. Some people will surely like that there aren’t any lights on the front that could be seen as distracting, while others will definitely wish that there were lights to indicate how many tuners are in use.

The top and bottom of the all black case is peppered with cooling holes.

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