Cat girl dating sim 2 game

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The coffee’s good and the staff is friendly (and kinda cute! One day, you find a strange book in the basement, with letters you can’t quite read... Or maybe Reese, the fashion-obsessed waiter who knows more than he says?

You’ll work hard at A Cat’s Paw, but there’s still time to get to know your new coworkers! And there’s always your strange-eyed boss, the enigmatic Graves.

Play this new game called Aurora Becomes A Cat Person to dress up the princess and her cat and groom her pet as well! The Disney princess has found a cat in the road and she deci...

An exciting online playground if you love animals and outdoors.

I have tried to make the website as interactive as possible by personifying the movement of cat with clarity.

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Halloween is a very cool thing, you can dress up as a monster, vampire, mummy, princess, basical...

There are two options, one is Winter and other one is Summer, and notice carefully the cats reaction to it. Use the navigation key for movement and Space key to make it jump.

STEP 4: You have three lives and in the end its a GAME OVER.

STEP 1: read the material in About and Help to get an initial idea.

STEP 2: choose an environment for the cat before you start playing the game.

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