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The exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions may be more onerous when the person who is ill is the policyholder, but a family member or someone who was going to travel with the policyholder.

Most of us don't have full details of other people's medical history.

We received around 700 complaints from consumers about travel-insurance claims involving volcanic ash - following delays and disruption to travel caused by a volcanic eruption in Iceland in 2010.

In March 2011 we made a key ruling which illustrated many of the issues involved - and found in favour of the consumer in that case.

Most policies will not cover pre-existing medical conditions.Cancellation because the policyholder has changed their mind - for example, because a relationship has ended - will actually started.As this can have significant consequences for policyholders, we expect insurers and insurance sellers to bring the importance of the policy start date to policyholders' attention when they are buying or renewing their insurance policy.We realise that travel insurance claims are often stressful.So we make allowances for the difficulties both insurers and customers can have in sorting the situation out - where the surroundings may be unfamiliar, information may be limited, and time zones may be different.

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