Carbon dating theory fact

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How were the joints fitted so precisely that nothing can slip through the cracks?

It has been speculated that only diamond tipped tools could have cut through the unforgiving diorite, however that subject also has much debate.

The walls that remain standing are made of diorite, one of the hardest stones in the world to cut.

How was this done with no evidence of tools in the area?

There are mysterious structures in many parts of the world that have caused mankind to wonder if aliens interacted with or guided human beings. How could they have had the technology and knowledge to manipulate stone like this?

Amazing precision and a deep understanding of mathematics are obvious but what about the tools that were used?

Carbon dating tests have claimed to irrefutably put the age of this structure at around 500 AD with the collapse of the city of Tiahuanacu happening around 1000 AD.By astronomically stepping backward in time, Posnansky determined that the structures lined up to what the angle of the Earth would have been at that time in relation to the stars.Using this methodology, Posnansky was convinced that Puma Punku, along with the rest of the ancient city, were more than 10,000 years old.This site has generated much controversy and debate almost from the time it was first stumbled upon by Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century.Puma Punku, or “The Door of the Cougar” is a large part of a complex set of structures in the Tiwanaku site located in the South American country of Bolivia.

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