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The survey utilized a two-stage cluster sampling design.

In the first stage, 400 clusters (94 urban and 306 rural) were selected from a list of enumeration areas such that the geographic population sample was proportional to the Lesotho 2006 Population and Housing Census [].

We determined the within-country heterogeneity in the severity of the epidemic, and identified the risk factors for HIV infection.

We also determined whether circumcised men in Lesotho have had a decreased risk of HIV infection in comparison with uncircumcised men.

The sample was based on Lesotho’s 2006 population census [].

It was designed to allow for separate estimates of demographic and health indicators for: (i) the country as a whole, (ii) urban and rural areas, (iii) the four ecological zones and (iv) the 10 healthcare districts.

Notably, prevalence is extremely high in women (18%) and men (12%) with only one lifetime sex partner.In order to optimize the expansion of treatment programs in Lesotho, it is important to determine the within-country heterogeneity in the severity of the HIV epidemic.Here, we have determined the current geographic distribution of the HIV-infected population in Lesotho and constructed gender-specific cartographic maps based on prevalence.Treatment coverage expanded and testing increased substantially over the specified time period (2006 to 2011); coverage rose from We used data collected in the Lesotho Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) conducted between 20.This is a nationally representative survey; 9,994 households were sampled and 9,391 of these households participated.

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