Camilla belle and nicholas d agosto dating

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Her relationship with Gyllenhaal, 30, was short but looked promising.

After hanging together after a segment of ‘Saturday Night Live’ in October, the couple began seeing each other in New York, Nashville and London.

“It looked like things didn’t work out.” [From Pop Eater] SOB! Here are some pics of Camilla last night at a film premiere.

“While people expected them to spend the Christmas holidays together, they were each photographed separately in different cities,” says the source. Anyway, I hope Swifty’s Jake song is heart-wrenchingly awkward, with references to Seacrest, sparkle-ponies and Mattress Girls.

Camilla began dating Joe Jonas in 2008 shortly after the Jonas Brothers frontman dumped Taylor over the phone. She dates a guy with gayish tendencies, he breaks her heart (usually by dumping her over the phone), and Swifty then writes a whiny song about everything, adding some references to ponies, glitter, kittens and high school.

Taylor allegedly wrote “Better Than Revenge” about Camilla, which includes lyrics like “She’s an actress/Better known for the thing that she does on the mattress.” Yikes! Well, Pop Eater’s sources are saying that Swifty is likely already recording “The Jake Gyllenhaal Song”.

D'Agosto also stars in NBC's new show Trial & Error.

D'Agosto was very involved in drama and theatre growing up, acting in many different plays and musicals.

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