Cambodia dating online

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D candidate at Australian Na­tional University who has studied the trend.“This practice has produced new social connections that crisscross the country, leading to marriage, internal migration and a reshaping the the geography of kinship in the country,” Mr. These rituals are a moot point for the millions of young, single Cam­bodians who still lack ac­cess to smartphones or the In­ternet.

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Many young Cambodian women look for a mate or husband at events such as the Water Festival or at religious ceremonies.

Though some young women in Phnom Penh said they would be fine meeting someone in person after chatting on the app, others were less sure.

An 18-year-old who gave her name only as Vannarin said she found the idea “scary,” though three of her friends sitting in Wat Botum park said they would consider it.

Still, with more and more users signing up every day, Ms.

Grintal said Matchstix has embraced its role as a matchmaker.

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