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Founded at the height of the dot com boom in the late 1990’s, by the co-founder of Borders bookstore, Webvan had branches in ten major U. markets including San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas and Atlanta and plans to expand internationally.But the web as a means of shopping was still a novelty at the time.It folded in mid-2000, having only managed to generate £200,000.When the dot com bubble burst, no company burst harder than grocery delivery service Webvan.

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But as in real life not everything has flourished on the web.The vision also shows her boyfriend, Dwayne Wickham, hiding in another room, emerging when police arrive.The internet has become such a part of modern life that it’s almost hard to remember life before it.Six Six was the first modern social networking site, launching in 1997.The site was modeled after the ‘six degrees of separation’ concept with members able to see who they connected to other members through friends and family.

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