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A story about what would have happened if Hiccup never went through dragon training. Oneshot A Hummelcest tale I wrote for a GKM prompt. While both being left alone by their lovers, they create an unlikely friendship, much to the chagrin of Hiroki and Usagi. Knowing that there must be more closeted guys at Mc Kinley, Kurt wears various Born This Way style shirts of what he sexually wants in order to coax the guys out of the closet. Can he salvage the tragedy that he, Shinobu and Hiroki face on Christmas? Includes smut and a weak and transparent attempt at romantic sweetness... It is the story of Prince Kium, and Saloh the Scribe, who invite you to join them on their journey as Kium learns what it means to rule a kingdom, and Saloh discovers a life he never knew he had. XD'Nightfurrie's have the power to communicate their inner most desires through dreams.' Hiccup has a very interesting dream about his dragon. But lets face it, no one would follow these rules, right? From Whips and chains to bondage and everything else possible. This means that when I bake a cake in a water bath, I need not line the exterior with any aluminium foil at all as the cake batter in the pan will not leak out nor the water from the outer pan seep in!

I was also awarded the Novice Championship rosette.This story will be full of drabbles about female Eren and other characters that's been gender switched! (WARNING: UNBETA'ED, GRAMMAR MISTAKES AND STUFFS) please don't kill me Kurt Hummel just wants to get through his Junior Year at Mc Kinley in one piece. The Ruby Tales is a tale of tragedy, forbidden love, and self-discovery. After finding out his daddy's type, thanks to the careless stashing of porn, Kurt dresses up in lingerie to seduce him.including Loki and other characters. Rated T because of language and other stuff that will come later... Sequel to 'Irrisitible'- need to read first- It's Akihiko's birthday and Misaki makes the effort to give him lots of 'attention', their time is cut short by an annoyed Takahiro as he attempts to give Misaki, 'The Talk'. But when the new guy from Dalton Academy Reform School for Boys takes an alarming interest in him, he's certain he's going to be in for a wild ride. It is a story containing Homosexual relationships, too, so you shouldn't read it if that bothers you. Rules you should- or not follow when you're living with The Avengers. Complete story moved to my Website - See Profile OLD FANFICTION: Blaine & Kurt are married. Kurt finds out & plans to kill himself so they can be together, except he doesn't know that Blaine doesn't LOVE Blaine's clutching Kurt's lifeless body. The Ukes have finally had enough of the Semes and they are ready to take charge. Previously Issac has been a member of the Australian Defence Force and makes a pretty mean curry, he also has a passion for the arts and loves to draw and paint in his spare time.Welcome to my food blog where I share simple & healthy recipes, with step-by-step pictorials, using all natural ingredients from my successful experiments done in my humble kitchen.

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