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Though some artists had never worked with cats as subject matter, several used their own cats for inspiration.

What percentage of the artists ended up featuring their own cats in their art?

The official press release sums it up best when stating, “CAT ART SHOW LOS ANGELES is a both a meditation and a celebration of the feline form.

I think famous Francis Bacon triptych Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion contributed to this interest. I have always loved Baudelaire and his poem from Les Fleurs du Mal – ‘Les Chats’ In summation, if you’re a cat lover, this show is not to be missed.I selected artists that I wanted to work with for this show…people whose work I appreciated and admired.If they were cat people, that was just an added bonus!What piece or pieces do you find to be most controversial or thought inspiring?Regarding the controversial piece – there are a few that could be construed as controversial, but I don’t want to reveal them until the show…also there are some pieces I don’t feel are particularly controversial or overtly provocative, but then again, I work in the art business and perhaps my controversy meter is a bit different from a lot of people!

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