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The mobile phone application uses a camera to capture before and after images of food and beverages consumed.

These images are automatically uploaded to a server for analysis using a Wi-Fi connection.

Assessment of food intake is a difficult task as it requires individuals to verbally describe or orally report in detail the food or beverage consumed and the amount they have had.

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The CHAT project will involve the development of the mobile device food record (MDFR), and evaluation of dietary feedback and implementation of a 6-month intervention in young adults aged 18 to 30 years.‘Junk food’ or EDNP foods have been defined as any food (including beverages) high in fat, sugar and/or salt with little nutritional value or discretionary/non-core foods such as fast foods, sweetened breakfast cereals, confectionery or fizzy drinks [].Assessment of food intake in relation to dietary recommendations is necessary so that they are better informed on what constitutes a healthy diet consistent with dietary guidelines.Tailored nutrition text messages will be sent to Intervention Group 1 over the 6 months.Data will be collected at baseline and again at the 6-month completion.

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