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For the next 29 months, she led a lonely life in Florida, in a climate that aggravated her medical problems. Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Cardinal Newman, and Jacques Maritain.Having accepted the possibility of miracles and thus of the Resurrection of Christ, Black was received into the Roman Catholic Church on 18 June 1986 by Cardinal Gerald Emmett Carter, Archbishop of Toronto, at the Cardinal's residence.In 2004 four friends, all bandmates, were looking for a new challenge.

Black would develop a close friendship with Carter and rely on him as a spiritual advisor.

Six years later, he was expelled from UCC for selling stolen exam papers.

He then attended Trinity College School in Port Hope, where he lasted less than a year, being expelled for insubordinate behaviour.

He was convicted of three counts of fraud and one count of obstruction of justice in a U. court in 2007 and sentenced to six and a half years' imprisonment.

In 2011, two of the charges were overturned on appeal and he was re-sentenced to 42 months in prison on one count of mail fraud and one count of obstruction of justice.

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