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I recently realized that I needed to fix / change my linetypes on 5 different drawings starting at the construct.

When I had finally finished fixing the layer linetype / line LTscale / drawing LTscale to get it to look exactly the way that I wanted, I had to go through my views drawings, and the sheets drawings, detach the xrefs, re-attach them, and then modify the layers to the colours that I wanted.

The program stores the path of the drawing that is used to create the referenced drawing.

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Next you will update the Unit plan you edited earlier in this chapter. Then click Open here and again in the Insert dialog box. You can, however review their names and use a special command to import the ones you want to use in the current file.

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Next you’ll look at how Auto CAD identifies layers and blocks in external referenced files, and you’ll get a chance to import a layer from an Xref. While in the Xref-l file, open the Layer Properties Manager dialog box. Floorl ]WALL is added to the list to the right: Definitions to Bind. While you used the Xbind dialog box to bind a single layer you can also use it to bind multiple layers as well as other items from Xrefs attached to the current drawing.

Notice that the names of the layers from the external referenced files are all prefixed with the file name and the vertical bar ( I)character. NOTE You can also open the layer Control popup list to view the layer names. Click the External Reference Bind tool on the Reference toolbar or enter Xb. TIP You can bind an entire Xrefto a drawing, converting it into a simple block.

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