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The side edges of almost every leaf are rolled toward the top surface of the leaf, and the leaves are stunted and pale green.

On close examination with a magnifying glass, I can see a few VERY TINY white specks that move. And to keep it from spreading to the other euonymus 65 feet away?

He got down to his knees during a rainy sunset and asked Aurora to marry him.

On October 31st, 2017, David and Aurora will continue their love story as husband and wife.

Aurora and David declared their love after 3 months of dating and moved in together after 7 months.

On October 12th, 2016 David had one birthday request.

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I want to start growing herbs but I dont want the same thing to happen. Is there a spray I can get that kills bugs but is plant-safe? Avoid inhaling the fumes and avoid cheap, hyperbred chilies. Good luck I have a tree in my yard that is covered in wee aphids, clumped in every wad of new/shriveled leaf growth.

I also have ladybug eggs all over the same tree, and quite a few ladybugs running around eating the aphids and mating.

My concern is that the ratio of aphid to ladybug is at least quadruple, and even though each ladybug can eat up to 55 aphids a day, my tree and surrounding plants may die well before the ladybugs can ramp up.

To me, they look like mites or perhaps tiny aphids. Next, I read a suggestion to just hose off the aphids from the plants regularly with cool water (luckily I recently bought a hose and the attachments to use it with my kitchen , 7nd floor apartment), so that is what I had done this morning.

I have a funny feeling that because I am not blessed with life's solutions being the simplest ones, that those little buggers (pardon the bun) will be returning and forcing me to attempt solution #7!

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