Aunties paying for sex

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now i had to lay a plan to fuck his mother, and i knew excatly how to do that but i had to wait until couple weeks just to let him know that i am reliable and trust worthy with his mother alone at night.

so couple of weeks i act normal and i showed no sexual intrest in his mother but in my mind i wanted to fuck her brain out.

Hasina Chandiramani, a jewellery designer, is juggling two lovers at the moment, lavishing them with designer Italian suits, fancy Lebanese meals and portable MP3 players.

She usually keeps them hooked with such tokens but occasionally she pays cash (Rs 1,000-10,000) for a night of pleasure.

"I know my husband does the same thing when he's travelling on business," says Chandiramani in justification. " "Even a decade ago, women didn't have that much power," says Shalini Bharat, sociologist at the Department of Family Unit, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

"Today, they have money to buy everything, including sex.

In fact, sophisticated, well-groomed males who look like models and filmstars can make up to Rs 50,000 in an evening.

Like Mike Fernandes, 26, who boasts that single women like his strong jaw and jutting cheekbones while married ones prefer his listening skills and languorous back rubs.

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Says Humsafar Chairman Ashok Row Kavi: "The commodification of sex has reached a crescendo." Unlike professional gigolos, the call-boy brigade doesn't look at sex as a career option but treats it like another way of making easy money.

Broadly categorised as "survival sex" (using sex to survive economically), these youngsters not only earn money in return for sexual favours but also insist that they be taken to plush parties, elite clubs and upmarket hangouts.

For Kirit Patel, 19, survival sex not only earns him Rs 10,000-15,000 a month but also gives him an entry into high society.

For these middle-class youth, the lure of earning around Rs 15,000 a month in return for sex is irresistible.

Those with good looks, well-toned bodies and skills to make partners happy can earn more.

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