Assertive dating number 1 dating

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In the following article we will discuss how to be assertive in dating.If you show assertiveness in dating then the other person will respect you not only for the courage that you have to take a decision but also for being proactive.

While you might get to enjoy a false sense of being successfully assertive on your partner but in truth this act actually shows how little effort you are making to understand your date partner and sometimes also will express your insensitiveness towards a particular situation.

The first date itself sends out nervous pangs and then asking for a second date can be a bit too much to ask for.

But the truth remains that often it is wise to express yourself to make others understand about your feelings, as the proverb goes “if you say nothing, nothing is what you are going to get”.

Dominant women are often looked down on in the media, so you may feel being assertive is not your place. Accept that you have needs and wants that are as valid as the needs and wants of those around you.

Learn to adopt assertive body language and articulate yourself clearly.

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