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If your partner corrects you, try not to get irritated.

Some things – perhaps even the most important things – can be communicated in other ways, like your body language and the tone of your voice.

Some people say that not sharing the same language enables you to be more honest with each other. Make the effort to learn the other person's language – and try to use it whenever you can, don't be afraid to make mistakes, and ask your partner to repeat or say the sentence again or in a different way if you can't understand the first time round.

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When your partner is talking, give him or her time to finish speaking without interrupting before replying – you could ask yourself: am I really listening? It may take longer than usual to have a conversation, so be prepared!Bear in mind that different cultures have different ideas about what's taboo and what isn't, and also some cultures are more direct in their speech than others.So what might come across to you as hurtful or insensitive might not have been intended in that way at all."Try not to get offended too easily," says Jem, "if your partner says something and you find yourself thinking ‘surely she didn't mean that!' assume the slight wasn't intentional – and move on".

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