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( With some friendships, you just have to decide that you’re going to be that friend.

Yes, the friend who say, “Friend, your dress is too tight.” You must decide that you’re going to be that friend who puts her foot down and refuses to let your friend walk out of the house looking any kind of way.

Folks were already calling her everything but a child of God. Kim’s baby daddy, Kanye ain’t such a champ himself.Even if you don’t do that for your friend, at least do it for yourself.After all, whenever I see a woman with her friends and she’s wearing something too tight, too short, and just plain wrong for her, I fault her friends.Applebottom” is hosting a party for the grown and sexy at a local club. If all of your shoes are that uncomfortable, why not buy more comfortable shoes? Please go back to whatever your life was before the show or perhaps use your new-found face recognition to get yourself into a legitimate career.

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