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'It was so bad that Paul, my husband, was having to help me up the stairs.'I kept tripping on the pavement when I was pushing the pram, then I trapped my hand in the car door.

It was very bruised and swollen, but I couldn't feel a thing.

Zoe Derrick was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2012 and had to travel to Mexico for stem cell therapy.

To do this, she had to go back to part-time work and they have now had to sell their house to pay off the £15,000 loan they had to take out Zoe Derrick was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis after the birth of her second son, Freddie, in January 2012.'At first, I thought breastfeeding was the reason I was so, so tired all the time,' she says.

Stem cells were first harvested from terminated pregnancies.

These days, the patient's own stem cells are generally used.

But another problem, which may reflect this lack of funding, is the missing evidence for the technique's success.

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But there are concerns these clinics are offering treatments that haven't been proven.

I was only 36 but I felt that my life was ending.'She desperately looked for other options and last year came across stem cell treatment.

Stem cells are capable of turning into all kinds of other cells the body needs.

Her NHS consultant 'pleaded with me not to, saying it would be a highway to death because it was untested and unregulated, and treatment would be available here in five years. As a young mother, Zoe should surely have been given access to the best available healthcare.

Instead, she had to spend £38,000 to go to Mexico for the treatment and now faces selling her home to repay the loan.

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