Afghaistan dating military

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That would give the military another full "fighting season" to attack Taliban strongholds and target insurgent leaders.A reader alerted us to a scammer she met on, who calls himself Christopher Phillips.We have visualised the countries where the troops make up the largest part of the action in Afghanistan: We have the data showing the number of troops NATO has on record for each country and we can compare the figures from 2009 to the latest figures for 2011. An explanation comes from the Guardian reporting: Nato commanders led by General David Petraeus have set out the risks of withdrawing too many troops too soon, and warned Obama there has been no noticeable dividend from the death of the al-Qaida leader.They had urged him to keep in place the bulk of the extra 30,000 troops he committed to the "surge" until the end of 2012, so a drawdown can begin in 2013.Afghanistan has the misfortune of sitting in a strategic position at the crossroads of Central Asia, the Indian subcontinent, and the Middle East.

Fox telling me he was going to West Africa for a deployment and that once I got the package ready he would send me the address in West Africa and we would deliver the package to Sgt. 2) Aren't the soldiers allowed to use Skype cams to chat with theirfriends and family back home? No, there is not a public database to determine each member of the military for that purpose.

The remaining 13 percent are tiny populations of Nuristanis, Kizibashis, and other groups.

Life expectancy for both men and women within Afghanistan is 60 years.

His email address is [email protected] sent an email to the email address he gave her to send the money to with nothing in the subject and nothing in the body of the email.

She received an email back from a supposed government agency asking her if she wanted to send money for the soldier. (Of course it is because it's the scammers email address, not the us governments!

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