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She also shares information about how to begin to make the jump, and how to research different careers online.

Anne Lewis from Betts Recruiting shares her tips on how to increase our chances of working at a California tech startup.

Each week we dive into career topics from interviewing to personal branding to applying and negotiating. Michelle Cho from Gladeo shares why she believes it's so hard to make the leap from education to career.She is the third African American soloist and first in two decades with ABT, where she has endured the cultural pressure associated with this role.Copeland was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and raised in the San Pedro community of Los Angeles, California.He also shares tips on salary neogiation, how job searching and dating are similar, and new employee perks you should check out.Gayle Laakmann Mc Dowell, Founder and CEO of Career shares her advice on how to crack the coding interview.

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