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The City alleges that Liberty's permitted nude or nearly nude activity, solicited patrons to buy drinks for employees, compensated workers with a cut from liquor sales, and allowed the site to be a public nuisance.

A jusy later acquitted Foran, according to her attorney."She started rubbing my penis through my pants and explained that she could give me a hand job here and that I could have her number later," one officer said of Desire.

"She never looked down to see my genitals exposed," the man said. "I asked if I could see her and she exposed her vagina and said I could touch her."The purchased flirtation continued for a pair of songs from the jukebox and then Cat offered her services outside the club, a private show, and the man could contact her some time and she'd meet him in the alley.

He could even bring his friend from the other side of the bar.

A man walked into Liberty's Show Lounge and was approached by a dancer named, Cat. Cat lied on her back, spread her legs in the air, and began smacking her vagina while her butt was exposed. That's when the man learned how to order drinks at Liberty's, the long-running "gentleman's club" on Scott Boulevard in Covington.

She put on some tunes and then took the stage where her moves simulated sex.

Following the performance, she descended from the stage and approached her new friend. "She followed up and asked which size of a drink I'd like to purchase," he said.

"She said she could take a break from work some time to take care of me," he claimed.

The prices seemed high for Covington, probably high for anywhere. The "menu" included three options: a drink would allow Cat to join the man at his table where they could enjoy one another's company.

A purchase, and Cat would lead the man to the center of the lounge where the pair could enjoy more privacy, and the dancer's hands could slip into the man's pants.

I followed her instructions.""Cat said, 'Just be cool'," he said.

The aged female bartender returned to the man, asked if he wanted another beer. The man did want another beer and the bartender left. I said my wife and I were trying to get pregnant and I didn't want to ejaculate," the man said.

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