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Last year I wrote about when we try to get people to make us the exception to their rule of behaviour, which is in essence the foundation of every relationship where you stay with someone who has shown and told you, whether it’s directly or indirectly, who they really are, and yet you stay .

Since then, it’s one of my most frequently emailed about subjects because many now recognise that they’re trying to be the exception…but don’t seem to want to stop.

When you persist in being the exception, you end up doing and being things that detract from you because you make exceptions – cue boundary busting, excuse making, illusion conjuring and turning a blind eye.

Where there is any goodness to experience from the rule, you’ll either miss out or experience it in a limited capacity because you’re too busy wondering why you’re not experiencing the exception.

In this modern era, the relationships between younger men and older women are popular.

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