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Emails that address you personally, telling you that new girls or guys have joined the site, or you have a new private message?The sort of sites I'm talking about are like Tinder, for example. If they come on there phone then they has actually downloaded the app and created a account..., with no account most apps dont send requests If theyre in email, same concept but there is a rare chance a friend has suggested you and now tour on the spam list They appear to be emails.I AM descended from Finlaysons on Skye who probably moved to the Braes from the mainland in the 1600s and were in the Braes by 1733.There were many Finlaysons in Ross-shire, around Stromeferry, and there is supposed to have been a Clan Finlayson of Lochalsh.I'm wondering this because my partner gets these messages on his phone sometimes. You know how you can get notifications on your phone when you get an email. I don't think anyone would have suggested my partner sign up.I do believe all his friends know he is not single... He lies about a lot of stupid little things that he really doesn't need to lie about so I'm pretty sure he'll lie about this.Sweeney said the site was a community forum and had no great resources behind it. it also has pages for individual broadband providers in its Broadband Choice section, where staff from these companies can respond to users' comments and concerns.

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Whirlpool news editor Phil Sweeney said the offending post was made on August 1 shortly before 11pm, and merely linked to a public record at the ASIC website.

"You can link to the notice but you cannot post the content elsewhere," she said.

An ASIC spokeswoman confirmed that while media releases on the site were public material, other sections could be linked to but not copied.

He said an ISP did not have a right to moderate its own forum; it was a privilege extended to the provider and given only to representatives whom Whirlpool considered trustworthy enough to moderate according to forum rules, and not to the provider's own gain.

Sweeney said Whirlpool always took down posts that breached forum rules or violated Australian laws.

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