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Some kind of sample(s) was/were taken for analysis.

I have no information to say whether it was or was not obvious from the physical characteristics of the infant that died, that it did or did not have Down's Syndrome.

Bear in mind that wirth the current test results, the man you slept with on the 14th is not the child's father in the eyes of the law, and you will not be able to seek maintenance from him as things stand.

To Anonymous 04/07/01 11.59 because of legal constraints it is vital that the mother consents to the test because in the event that you are not the father you could be guilty of causing an assault on the child, also it would be very difficult to get a doctor to take a sample for testing and then to send it away for analysis.

I do not recommend that you attempt to carry out any form of paternity testing without the full, informed consent of both the mother and the alleged father (and child if over 18 years).

To take any sort of sample from any of the parties secretly for testing is legally questionable and most reputable DNA testing services would not accept samples without informed consent.

Once you successfully complete the premarital education class, the provider will issue you a certificate to present to your County Clerk to receive a discount when you purchase your marriage license.

Paternity testing CAN be done on an unborn child in the third trimester, but it is an invasive procedure that requires the mother's consent and is certainly not available in Ireland.

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If you only had an antigen test performed, perhaps you should seek a DNA test which is even more conclusive.

There is a test that can be done on even younger children, involving buccal swabs and cheek cells, but generally there'd need to be a very good reason for such a rush.

Short of forcing the pregnant mother to go to America, you will simply have to wait until the child is three months old. Testing can be done at the time of birth using sample from the umbilical cord.

Their father and the man who my gran supposedly had the affair with are long long dead.

My gran is still living, but my mother will only investigate things after she dies.

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