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Utilization of advection–diffusion–reaction models to reconstruct the original fluxes based on the known absolute timing of the events reveal that it is imperative to use a continuous function to describe biotur-bation.

Discretization of bioturbation into mixed and unmixed layers significantly shifts the location of the modeled event.

We present here a Monte Carlo method that makes calculation easier and, likely, error-free.

This difference is most likely related to the rapid retreat of glaciers during the 20th century, when most of them withdrew up to 2 km.When bioturbation is described as a continuously decreasing function of depth, the peak of a very short term event smears asymmetrically but remains in the right depth.When sudden events repeat while the first spike is still mixed with the upper sediment layer, bioturbation unifies adjacent peaks.Acknowledgements: projects CONACYT PDCPN2013-01/214349 and CB2010/153492, UNAM PAPIIT-IN203313, PRODEP network "Aquatic contamination: levels and effects" (year 3).Studies of recent environmental perturbations often rely on data derived from marine sedimentary records.

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